Wild, wild, teeth

Celebrity update:
I saw the main guy from MadTV the other night. The tall one who plays Stewart (Iii wanna doo ittt!). Aside from that, I'm dating a guy who lives with some accomplished screenwriters. These writers work frequently with a certain director whom is having a halloween party I've now been invited to. All this interesting Hollywood Hobknobbery.

Not having much time to prepare for halloween, it looks as though I might have to rely on my trusty cowboy hat (I know, I know... T I R E D). So... something I'd wear on any given Dallas weekend will now serve as a costume. I finally threw away the military costume I'd been wearing for 3 years... now regretting it.

Like most kiddies, I had braces in middle/high school. As an adult, like many, my teefs have shifted slightly to an imperfect smile that has made me increasingly self conscious. It's very minor, but always in the back of my mind, so I'm going for an orthodontic consultation next week. Yes. Invisalign! I'll probably just do my top teeth, since that's really all that bothers me (and it'll save me a hefty chunk of change).

Crooked teeth but hobknobbing healthily,